Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lispvirt Announcements

Hi everybody!

I'd like to announce the first release (1.0.0) of Lispvirt: Common Lisp bindings for Libvirt.

You can download the source code from GitHub at:

There you can find any instrunctions to install, test and use Lispvirt. There are some examples and tests to teach how to use the API. As this release is the first one, there is nothing to announce as a new feature.

This version is based on Libvirt (>= 1.2). So, if you are using an old version of libvirt, I cannot guarantee that Lispvirt will work.

Please, clone the code and enjoy!

If you want to contribute, please, send me a message, email, commits or anything you want.
We still need many tests to check if the API is correctly implemented, examples and some missing structures.

Any contribution is welcome and I would be glad if people help me. =D

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